The Flower and the Bee: Plant Life and Pollination



Authors or Editors:
John H. Lovell
Ideal For:
Apis Enthusiasts, Gardeners, Beekeepers
Wicwas Press
Perfect Binding
5 7/16″ x 8 7/16″ x 5/8″



The book presents the function of bees, beetles, flies and the wind in the pollination of flowers, which have evolved in accordance with their ability to attract and secure the largest number of pollen-bearing insects.

The book is the first popular exposition for amateur gardeners, bee-keepers, and flower-lovers of the very far-reaching subject of pollination in general.

The author was one of the foremost living authorities on bees, and the volume embodies the results of many years of close personal observation.

Maine-born field naturalist John Lovell found bees hard to identify and thus began his interest in apiology, particularly studying honey bees. He was a professor of biology at the University of Louisville.