Webinar, Skype or similar presentation

With preparation $350 per hour
Without preparation (interview, Q/A) $200 per hour
Plus any expenses


One or two 1 hour presentations at a meeting seminar or similar event
$1,200 for one day event, plus expenses

Additional travel days: $350 per day

Master Class
Four to six hour class on site with small group enrollment (15 minimum)
This includes 3-day Queen Rearing Classes
Minimum fee $2400 per day
Please request a quote
$165 per student per day
Field Day and Lecture Combination
Larger groups with reduced contact with studentsDoes not include 3 day Queen Rearing Classes
Please request a quote
$100 per student per day

Minimum fee $3,600 per day

This includes nominal expense for travel

either as an alternative class or special training
$200 per hr

Fees apply for travel time to and from site

Plus all expenses

Microscope instruction
Of bee anatomy, floral structure, etc.
$100 per student for a two hour session; each additional hour is $40/hr.Does not include microscope use fee

Minimum $2500 per trip

Plus all expenses


Lowest air fare, IRS mileage, per diem fees apply; two-star motel or better
(Housing in private home without indoor pets with prior arrangement).

Fly out 24 hrs or more in advance of event (to minimize the risk of cancellation by airlines).

Fees for a book display must be comp-ed or will be added to expenses. The books for sale include the speaker’s and those by other authors.

Fee Reduction Ideas

Fees may be reduced by the following:

  1. Setting up an outside (non-bee) book reading/signing that generates satisfactory income. At an additional site, such as a commercial bookstore. The same applies to a large sale of the author’s book titles at a meeting (un-discounted).
  2. Combination of meetings in the same region of the country, such as a circuit tour of a state or area
  3. Lucky location factor—If the speaker really wants to visit a particular area.
  4. Tea cup auction or similar fund-raising event to cover cost of event; LJC will contribute books and other items to this event.

Updated 03 May 2016