Mead and Honey Wines


Author: Michael Badger, MBE
Editors: Lawrence J. Connor
Ideal for: Established beekeepers, Specialty
Publisher: Wicwas Press LLC.
Binding: Perfect Bound (Paper)
Dimensions: 6″ x 9″
ISBN: 978-1-878075-52-9

This is a comprehensive guide to the many aspects of meads and honey wines available for the mead vintner, written by a leading authority on the topic. The author describes every aspect of the process from the varieties of honeys, their characteristics and qualities for the production of a superior wine; the yeasts types available; to the various methods of mead production with extensive recipes. There is a problem-solving section and discussion of the criteria for judging and exhibiting meads. It is supported by an extensive glossary and index.

This book is written for world-wide use with emphasis on mead makers in the United Kingdom, the USA and Canada. It is a comprehensive guide and encyclopedia for both novice and sage alike who will find the information and expertise a true adjunct for improving their techniques in mead and wine production. The information given is unique as there are few, if any, books on the subject of mead and honey wines that give such clear and concise knowledge of this enthralling topic.