Honeybee Ecology: A Study of Adaptation in Social Life

Authors or Editors:
Thomas D. Seeley
Princeton University Press
Perfect Bound (Paper)
6 1/8″ x 9 1/4″ x 1/2″



Dr. Thomas D. Seeley is lauded as an excellent storyteller, breaking down the complex nature of his work in research and reconstructing it such that readers of all experience levels aren’t just able to follow along, but are invited on a rich and rewarding journey. Following the popularity of Dr. Seeley’s excellent explanation of the honey bee as a super organism, Honey Bee Democracy, Princeton University Press has reprinted¬†Honey Bee Ecology: A Study of Adaptation in Social Life. Pick up this book and follow Dr. Seeley as he puts into new perspective the grand scope of biology and the revolution of this deceptively simple, infinitely complex social insect.