Honey Bees of Borneo: Exploring the Centre of Apis Diversity

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Authors or Editors:
Nikolaus Koeniger; Gudrun Koeniger; Salim Tingek
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Serious Apiculturalists; Biologists; Breeders; Researchers
Natural History Publications (Borneo)
6.375′ x 8.75′



This book is a reliable and fascinating guide to one of Borneo’s natural wonders the diversity of honey bees, their intriguing societies and their adaptations to the complex tropical environment. The admirable harmony of their social life, the precision of their combs and the richness of their honey stores are described, as well as the honey bee’s defence strategies against strong bears, fast flying birds and minute mites. An array of unique, spectacular photographs allows the reader to visit the giant honey bees (Apis dorsata) in the canopy of the highest Koompassia trees and witness painful bee stings penetrating deeper and deeper into the skin. Unique in the animal kingdom are magnificent assemblies of thousands of drones which, far from the safety of their nests, circle high in the air waiting for the arrival of a single virgin queen. The outstanding taste and quality honey of indigenous Asian bees is acknowledged and its unjustified degrading by honey standards of the western Apis mellifera is exposed. Sustainable keeping of indigenous bees for honey production in Asia must gain more momentum! The knowledge and awareness disseminated by this book will undoubtedly help to protect native honey bees and their habitats in Borneo and elsewhere!