Do you Speak Bee?



Illustrated by: Huw Evans

For: Teens, beekeepers and different thinkers

About: Biology of insects, entomology
Publisher: FriesenPress

Publishing Date:  Feb 16, 2024

Pages: 120
Dimensions: 8.5 x 11 inches, 13.9 oz.
ISBN: 978-1-03-830036-2

Do you speak Bee?

If you’ve ever wondered about life inside a beehive, you’re invited to step into the extraordinary world of honey bees and explore their remarkable lives. Dive into the fascinating communication bees use, a unique language that is distinct from human communication yet understandable with practice. Through intricate dances, chemical signals, and vibrations, these incredible insects convey essential information to support their hives.

Beehives are bustling microcosms-truly nature’s own big cities. From the worker bees to the queen, discover the multitude of roles and activities these tiny insects perform throughout their lives. Gain insights into the reasons behind every bee’s actions. Appreciate the diversity and complexity of the colony’s social structure and the interactions that are vital to their survival. You might be surprised at the parallels between a bee colony and daily life in a metropolis as you uncover how bees labor tirelessly for the greater good of their colony.

Do You Speak Bee? invites you to explore the honey bee’s incredible life of cooperation and harmony, highlighting their critical role in our ecosystem. Discover the buzzing world of honey bees!

Reviewer: A honey bee colony has a structure that Chubak describes accurately and in a way that is understandable. The pictures are hilarious and add to a world view of the colony, which is an older person’s Richard Scarry on steroids. The book describes age-based honey bee jobs – not all of which are full-time – but all of which need doing. The book both educates and entertains while not taking itself too seriously. A race for the Queen’s Cup in a Drone Congregation Area? Somehow, the combination of pictures and text makes sense.
This book engagingly delivers much of the content of a standard honey bee biology text without putting readers to sleep.