American Bee Journal

Below you will find a collection of articles written by Dr. Connor for the American Bee Journal. If you’re a regular reader, this is a fantastic resource to find the article you loaned out to a friend. If you’re new to Dr. Connor’s contributions, this is your place to learn something new!

Published Article Link
2007-01 Road Travel Log: Ohio-October 2007
2007-02 NA
2007-03 Road Travel Log: A South Texas Beekeeper
2007-04 Road Travel Log: Efforts at Queen Rearing
2007-05 Road Travel Log: As Almond Petals Fall
2007-06 More Visits with California Beekeepers
2007-07 Visits with California Queen Breeders
2007-08 Buzzing Along in Early Retirement
2007-09 Education Just One Focus at Hunter’s Honey Farm in Indiana
2007-10 Selling it!
2007-11 Selling it! – Part II
2007-12 From the North Central Queen Assembly–John Harbo on Developing Mite-tolerant Bee Stocks
2008-01 From the North Central Queen Assembly–Lessons from Gary Reuter, Greg Hunt and Joe Latshaw
2008-02 Raising and Managing Your Own Queens and Drones
2008-03 Raising and Managing Your Own Queens and Drones: A Model Breeding Plan Part 2
2008-04 Keeping Bees at 100
2008-05 Reaching Out–Two Members of the Collin County (Texas) Hobby Beekeepers Association
2008-06 Chasing Bluebonnets: Greg Hunt at Purdue, sorting out the deadnettles, and a long overdue visit to the Walter T. Kelley Company
2008-07 Chasing Bluebonnets: Garvan Woodland Gardens (Arkansas) and Paris, Texas
2008-08 Queen Rearing in Collin County: My Bluebonnet Encounter
2008-09 A Larger View of Beekeeping in North America
2008-10 Changing the Bee World One Sunflower and One Observer at a Time
2008-11 The Power of One Cup of Clover Seed
2008-12 Bee Botany Begins at Home
2009-01 The State of Queen Production
2009-02 Is Now a Good Time to Start Keeping Honey Bees?
2009-03 Obtaining Bees
2009-04 Commercial Beekeeping 101
2009-05 A Close Look at a Large-Scale Queen and Cell Production Operation: Part I
2009-06 A Close Look at a Large-Scale Queen and Cell Production Operation: Part II
2009-07 Serve to Survive As a Business
2009-08 Traveling, Thinking Inside the Box
2009-09 Travel Inside a Fall Colony in a Northern State
2009-10 Micro-Beekeeping: Diversity in Sanfrancisco
2009-11 A Call to Action for All Bee Clubs: Time for Resistant Bees
2009-12 Time for Resistant Bees–A Plan for Clubs
2010-01 Time for Resistant Bees—A Plan for the Individual Beekeeper
2010-02 Time for Resistant Bees—Developing a Club or Bee Association Plan
2010-03 What Bees Should I Have?
2010-04 Biology of Cell Production & Cell Starting
2010-05 Catching Swarms and Doing Bee Removals
2010-06 Stock Improvement in West Virginia
2010-07 A Visit with Joe Latshaw
2010-08 An Interview with Dr. Medhat Nasr About Beekeeping in Alberta Canada
2010-09 Colony Needs During Winter
2010-10 Variations on New Queens
2010-11 Honey—An Overview
2010-12 So You Want to Live Off the Bees?
2011-01 The Different Forms of Honey
2011-02 Pollen Collection
2011-03 Beeswax
2011-04 Fighting Back: Olivarez Honey Bees, Big Island Queens
2011-05 Lunch with Fred Rossman
2011-06 Small-Scale Pollination
2011-07 National Goal: All Resistant, All the Time
2011-08 Small-Scale Queen Rearing: Something that could fit into a small place
2011-09 Isolated Buckfast Mating Island in Ontario
2011-10 Moving Toward Cold
2011-11 At the Western Apicultural Society Conference: Rethinking basic assumptions
2011-12 What I Learned this Summer
2012-01 The First Year: For the new beekeeper: setting up two and a half hives
2012-02 The First Year: The Half-Hive: Setting Up and Managing a Nucleus Hive
2012-03 Other Hive Products
2012-04 The First Year: The Bees Determine the Beekeeper’s Year
2012-05 NA
2012-06 Seasonal Differences
2012-07 Preparing for an Apiary Visit; Varroa Mite Sampling with Powdered Sugar
2012-08 Summer Splits
2012-09 Forty Years
2012-10 Beer, Brats, and Bees: When Beekeepers Come to Visit
2012-11 What I Learned this Summer…
2012-12 Beekeeping for Profit
2013-01 Risky Business
2013-02 Mating and the Benefits of Polyandry: Why honey bee colonies put their queen at a huge risk with multiple mating behavior
2013-03 Lethal Weapon: Bee Venom
2013-04 The Queen’s Life
2013-05 Propolis
2013-06 Propolis Rx
2013-07 Pollen and Bee Bread
2013-08 Beeswax
2013-09 Varroa Control Past and Future
2013-10 Integrated Pest Management of Varroa in North America
2013-11 Sustainability in Beekeeping
2013-12 Beekeeping by the Numbers
2014-01 Methods of Making Increase Colonies
2014-02 Methods of Making Increase Colonies
2014-03 Methods of Making Increase Colonies
2014-04 Large-scale Methods of Making Increase Colonies
2014-05 The Ideal Nucleus
2014-06 The Latner Method of Making Nuclei and Mating Nuclei
2014-07 From the Field–Doolittle Nucs–48hr Queen Cells–An Alternative to Overwintering
2014-08 Are You on Board About Drones?
2014-09 Where Bee Sex Goes Wrong