Queen Rearing Essentials, Second Edition


Authors or Editors:
Lawrence John Connor
Ideal For:
All beekeepers, especially queen breeders and producers.
Wicwas Press
Perfect Bound (Paper)
6″ x 9″

At the request of readers and instructors, Dr. Connor has added sixty more pages of techniques and queen management ideas. He has expanded the concept of the queenless builder colony for use by those beekeepers who want to graft more frequently.

This book will help you if you only need a few queens a year, or if you want to produce hundreds or thousands. The concepts are basic, the photographs “astounding”, and the book comes “Highly Recommended” by reviewers.

If you save the cost of one queen, you have paid for the book and learned a great deal about bees and queens.

Queen Rearing Essentials, Second Edition is also available as an ebook through the Amazon Kindle Store!

Enjoy all the same content in a portable, preview-able format!