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Natural Bee Husbandry (eMagazine Subscription)



Authors or Editors: 
Northern Bee Books, UK

The e-magazine version is available by subscription for download from Wicwas Press, LLC.


It is published four times a year - at the end of October, January, April and July.


The magazine is targeted at beekeepers who are looking for different and more successful ways of ‘managing’ their bees in light of the continuous serious losses of colonies globally. 


One of the magazine’s chief aims is to promote ‘bee-centred’ beekeeping. Modern beekeeping has mainly developed to assist the beekeeper in the management of colonies which is not always conducive to the welfare of bees. 


While various traditional methods of beekeeping are covered, with examples of different hives which allow the colonies to build their nests freely, on top bars or within frames, guidance will also be given to beekeepers who want to adapt ‘bee-centred’ beekeeping to contemporary hives.


Fundamental and controversial issues are covered including whether swarming should be controlled and whether colonies should be treating for pests - based on the latest scientific research. 


Future Issues will cover:


January 2017 - swarming 

April -materials used in hive construction, insulation and ventilation. 

July - colony treatment for bee pests and diseases.