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Below you will find a collection of articles written by Dr. Connor for Bee Culture magazine.  If you're a regular reader, this is a fantastic resource to find the article you loaned out to a friend.  If you're new to Dr. C's contributions, this is your place to learn something new!


2003-11How Many Drone Colonies do You Need?
2003-12Drone Feeding and Holding Colonies
2004-01Stimulating Drone Development During Winter in Florida
2004-02The Perfect Queen
2004-03When Your New Queen Fails Your Expectations
2004-04Queen Essentials
2004-05Understanding Queen Pheromones
2004-06Herding Bees
2004-08Late Summer Requeening
2004-10Basic Beekeeping Concepts Easy to Overlook
2004-11Drone Production and Plastic Comb
2004-12Keeping Your Queens Alive
2005-01Handling Queens
2005-02The Biology of Increase
2005-03Meet Jane Worker Bee
2005-04Pollen Tales
2005-07Summer Increase
2005-08Summer Increase
2005-09More on Drone Biology
2005-10Aggression in our Colonies
2005-11Winter in the Northeast
2005-12Overwintering in the Northeast
2006-01Small Scale Queen Rearing
2006-02Small Scale Queen Rearing
2006-03The Grafting Method of Cell Production
2006-04The Ideal Nucleus
2006-05Queen Banks
2006-06Drone Saturation
2006-07Making & Wintering Summer Increase
2006-08The Minimum...
2006-09Best Laid Plans
2006-10Bee by Bee
2006-11Honey Bees Keep Out!
2006-12Those Blueberry Pollination Blues
2007-01Bee Disease, Bee Sex and "Curiously Promiscuous Queens"
2007-02Hive Control & Decision Making
2007-03Naked Combs & Empty Spaces
2007-04Naked Combs & Empty Spaces
2007-07Health Colony Growth and Sub-Lethal Chemical Exposure
2007-08Parental Stress Influences How Bees Enter Winter
2007-09Dear Neighbor,
2007-10Sideline Beekeepers
2007-11The Story Ends
2008-01A Guide for Sideline Beekeepers
2008-02Equipment Decisions
2008-03Management & Marketing
2008-04Developing a Product & Services Line
2008-05Get Organized
2008-06Making New Colonies During the Late Spring & Summer
2008-07Summer Nucleus Hives and Pre-winter Management
2008-08Size Matters
2008-09Raising Queen Cells
2008-10Cell Finishers, Drones & Evaluating Queens
2008-11Facing the Challenges of Sideline Beekeeping
2008-12Facing the Challenges of Sideline Beekeeping — II
2009-01Facing the Challenges of Sideline Beekeeping - Honey
2009-02Facing the Challenges of Sideline Beekeeping - Reducing Colony Losses
2009-03Facing the Challenges of Sideline Beekeeping - Colony Contamination
2009-04Laws, Rules and Regulations and the Beekeeper
2009-05Neighbors: The Good, the Bad and the Ignorant
2009-06Time: How Can I Manage it Better?
2009-07Beekeeping is Getting so Expensive
2009-08Allergies to Bee Venom
2009-09Changing the Way We Train New Beekeepers
2009-10If You're Going to San Fran-cisco...
2009-11Changing the Way We Train New Beekeepers
2009-12Changing the Way We Train New Beekeepers
2010-01Changing the Way We Train New Beekeepers
2010-02What Kind of Bee?
2010-03Questions You Should Ask
2010-04What Should I Buy?
2010-05Two Tools
2010-06The Joy of Drones
2010-07Queen Bee 101
2010-08Queen Introduction
2010-09Finding Queens
2010-10Queen Management Using Packages, Or Nucs
2010-11Queen Problems
2010-12Dear Larry –
2011-02Overwintered Colonies
2011-03Colony Management
2011-04Wipe Out!
2011-05The Big Island in Crisis
2011-06Catching Swarms
2011-07Teaching and Mentoring Some Guidelines
2011-08Pay Attention, Ask the Right Questions
2011-09A Single Clover
2011-11Hawaii Reality Check
2011-12Urban, Suburban and Country Bees
2012-01Beekeeping Instructor's Guide
2012-02Beekeeping Instructor's Guide
2012-03Beekeeping Instructor's Guide
2012-04Beekeepeing Instructor's Guide
2012-05Using Virgin Queens
2012-06Using Queen Cells
2012-07Making Doolittle's Nucs'
2012-08Update, Burr Comb, and Breeding Lines
2012-10Fifth in a Series – Beekeeping Instructor's Guide and Essentials
2012-11Swarms, Packages & Nucleus Colonies
2012-12Pollen, Nectar and Propolis
2013-01What is a Pheromone
2013-02Understanding Queen Pheromone?
2013-03Diseases and Pests in a Beehive
2013-04Full and Part Time Income From Bees and Beekeeping
2013-06Develop a Business Plan
2013-07Random Thoughts
2013-08Happy New Year
2013-09Resource Management
2013-10Master Beekeeping – Year 1
2013-11Master Beekeeping: Years Two and Three
2013-12The Fifth Year Beekeeper
2014-01The Settled Beekeeper
2014-03Trees for Bees
2014-05Much, Much More About Protein in the Hive
2014-06Early Summer Increase
2014-07Making Summer Increase
2014-08Overwintering Nuclei Colonies
2014-09Preparing for a Beekeeping Course, Part I