Wicwas Press

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2017 Western Apicultural Society

2017/09/06 — 2017/09/08
Davis, CA

An excerpt from the event website:

For those who wish to hear more in-depth beekeeping fundamentals, Dr. Larry Connor will be visiting with us. Participants will be given the option of attending the local, off-campus tour on Wednesday after lunch, or attending Larry’s session for an additional $50 per person. That option is available on the registration form. Larry’s presentation will be: “Keeping Your Bees Alive and Growing.” It will be a three-part session, including: 1) The Numbers Game – Understanding Honey Bee Reproduction; 2) Making and Using Increase Packages; and 3) Managing Colonies for Sustainability – Location, Genetics and Nutrition. Larry also is the founder and owner of Wicwas Press, and he will have a variety of books for review at the conference. Other speakers have been mentioned in my previous President’s Message.

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